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Nipuna Technologies offers Data Science Course in Guntur. This course is designed to meet all levels of student & working professionals requirements. Data Science can be defined as extracting the insights of data and transforming the data into valuable inputs and resources to enable informed decisions to support the business. The aspirants who perform these activities are said to be a Data Scientist / Data Science professionals. Data Science has more advanced tools to work on huge volumes of data extracting from various types of sources such as financial logs, multimedia files, marketing forms, sensors and instruments, and text files.

Get the best Data Science Training in Guntur. Our trainers are very experienced IT professionals and share their practical knowledge to the students with real-time Scenarios. Our highly skilled trainers will make sure you will learn & understand all aspects of this course content & they provide one-to-one care by listening and clarifying the doubts to each student.

Job Opportunities After Completing Data Science Course in Guntur

Data science is one of the most popular and high demand career choice for skilled data Scientists. Today, data scientists who are successful recognize that they need to move beyond the conventional abilities of analyzing huge volumes of data, as well as the data mining process, and even the ability to program. To uncover valuable information for their businesses data scientists must be able to comprehend all aspects of the life cycle and have a degree of flexibility and knowledge to maximize their returns in each stage of the process.

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Analytics Manager/Lead

Machine Learning Engineer

Statistical Programming Specialist

Why Nipuna Technologies is the Best Data Science Training Institute In Guntur?

Nipuna Technologies is ranked as one of the best Data Science training institutes in Guntur. We have built careers of hundreds of Data Science professionals in many organizations in India and abroad. Our expert trainers will help our students to upscale their concepts, to complete the assignments and live projects.

Nipuna Technologies has a dedicated placement cell and has partnered with 150+ corporates which will facilitate the interviews and help the participants in getting placed. Our trainers are our strength. They worked as Data Scientists with over 9+ years of professional experience.

Key Features

Practice Labs For Real-Time Learning

Practice Labs For Real-Time Learning

Practice Labs makes it easy for you to put your learning into practice in a safe environment that you can access anytime with a compatible PC, Browser and Internet connection.

Live Project Training​

Live Project Training

We offer Live Projects and opportunity to take part in project design supported by industry partners including business and community organizations.

Classroom Training​

Classroom Training

We will use collaborative web conferencing with screen sharing to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.

24/7 Support​

24/7 Support

Got queries? Our 24/7 support team will go extra mile so you can have easy and enjoyable experience with Nipuna Technologies on Slack which is a communication platform.

Job & Interview Assistance​

Job & Interview Assistance

Our interview assistance can help you overcome your fears and walk into your next interview with confidence and get your dream Job.

Internship After Course​

Internship After Course

Industry needs the best talent to stay afloat and thrive in today’s fast and ever-changing world, you will get a chance to do Internships and working closely that can provide a serious winwin for both Industry and students/trainees

Course Curriculum

List of all the topics which will be covered in Data Science Course

  • Preparatory Sessions Python and Linux Basic Python libraries and functions will be taught together with the foundations of the Linux operating system.
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Normalization of databases and model of relationship between entities
  • SQL operators
  • Working using SQL Join tables, variables, and join
  • Deep dive into SQL
  • Functions
  • Working using Subqueries
  • SQL views functions, SQL views, and stored procedures
  • What exactly is Version Control?
  • The different types of Version Control System
  • Introduction to SVN
  • Introduction to Git
  • Git Lifecycle
  • Common Git commands
  • Working with branches of Git
  • Branch mergers
  • Resolving conflicting mergers
  • Git workflow
  • A brief introduction of Data Science using Python
  • Python fundamental concepts
  • Maths for DS-Statistics and Probability
  • OOPs in Python
  • NumPy for computational mathematics
  • SciPy to use scientific computation
  • Data manipulation Matplotlib
  • Central tendency
  • Variability
  • Tests of hypotheses
  • Anova
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Definitions of probability and notation
  • Joint Probabilities
  • The rule of the sum, conditional probabilities along with the production rule Bayes theorem
  • Bayes theorem
  • Machine Learning using Python
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reduced dimension
  • Machine Learning Time-series forecasting
  • An Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • How to Multi-layered Neural Networks
  • Artificial Neural Networks as well as various methods
  • Deep Learning libraries
  • Learning Data Science and Machine learning.
  • When and why do we need MLOps
  • AI pipelines
  • Training, tuning, and providing support on AI platform
  • Kubeflow pipelines on AI platform
  • CI/CD used for Kubeflow pipelines
  • A brief introduction to PowerBI
  • Big Data Extraction
  • Data Transformation: Shaping & Combining Data
  • Data Modelling & DAX
  • Data Visualization using analytics
  • Power BI Service (Cloud), Q&A, and Data Insights
  • Power BI Settings, Administration and Direct Connectivity
  • Embedded Power BI with API and Power BI
  • Power BI Advance and Power BI Premium

Tools & Platforms

Data Science Course



Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry. Nipuna Technologies will present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position.

Datascience course completion certificate
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